About Us

We are a passionate and experienced team with a bespoke headquarters in Kingswood, Bristol.


Our belief is that through effective relationships with adults, young people can reach their potential whatever their starting point.


We facilitate positive and structured mentoring and learning activities which support young people to progress with all the skills needed for life! A big part of learning with Impact is helping young people understand what they CAN do, and what skills they already have in their grasp.


We are adamant that the young people we work with get one to one support from a positive and experienced mentor in an environment where the young person can feel nurtured and safe.  Our young people are encouraged to better themselves and help others around them. We create a culture where it is safe to try, and this has allowed us to attain positive outcomes for more than 1000 young people in the last two years alone.


Our work encompasses Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire North Somerset, Bathnes, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Life sometime throws all of us ‘curve balls’. Impact are here to help young people recover,  reflect, and refresh  themselves. We want them to be optimistic and prepared for a positive future.


Our JourneyOur Philosophy

Learning Through Impact Skills

Social Awareness

Positive Decision Making

Relationship Skills


Motivation & Resilience










Coping with problems

Use of ICT

Use of English

Use of Maths


Connecting with others

Taking control of actions

Working within a structure

Becoming independent

Actions which help others