“It’s hard to put into words just how much this helped me, right from the start my mentor was easy to talk to and I felt like I had somebody I could trust, somebody to open up to without being judged…” – Jamie, aged 17


Impact mentoring is a values-based organisation; the young people we work with are at the centre of everything we do. Nurturing the unique individual and their potential is central to our work.

We focus on supporting the emotional wellbeing of the young people that we work with; from this stems emotional resilience. Many of the young people that we support are faced with challenging circumstances, in a variety of ways, in their lives. We help them to develop a positive sense of identity and learn to recognise and manage their feelings. As they develop their social and emotional skills, they can start to create positive relationships and develop empathy and understanding for others.

The network surrounding a young person is key to how they grow and develop; our mentors provide consistently reliable, safe and supportive relationships that help young people to gain skills in managing conflict and resolving difficulties. The security of this relationship also gives them the confidence to try new things and achieve in areas that they hadn’t believed themselves capable of.


At Impact Mentoring we establish the individual needs of each young person, on a case-by-case basis. Our mentors are from diverse backgrounds and are skilled across a range of areas. The quality and diversity of our mentors means that we are able to meet each young person at a level that resonates with them; whether it is through interests such as sports, the arts or practical skills development, or if they simply need some strong, positive role models in their lives. With each young person that we work with, we consider carefully what their needs are, what challenges they face and how best we can help them.

We work alongside providers to co-construct a plan that is contextualised and effective for the needs of the provider and their young people. A key aspect of the bespoke service is our ability to be flexible, such as being able to attend core-group strategy meetings, multi-agency meetings and family meetings. We can support young people on-site and off-site and with transitions to new provisions. Our flexibility means we can increase/decrease the level of support according to the needs of the young person and the providers’ budget.


At Impact Mentoring we agree the success criteria with providers at the beginning of our work together and ensure that we continuously review these criteria.

As making a difference to the young people that we work with is central to what we do, the criteria by which we measure our success is by measuring the positive impact we have had on their lives. We have successfully helped young people in areas such as:


-Transitions from PRUs back into mainstream education
-Re-integration of young people unable to access any formal learning opportunities
-Focused work as part of a multi-agency plan to safeguard young people at risk of child sexual exploitation
-On-site mentoring focused on individuals or small groups at risk of exclusion
-Bespoke group activities to improve confidence and resilience of students from vulnerable groups (Pupil Premium, SEND, LAC, Young Carers etc)
-Packages of mentoring and activities to develop peer leadership and positive engagement with school
-Empowering disenfranchised young people to take positive control of their futures