After very difficult start to my life in London, I was moved to Bristol with a foster family. It was hard to start with but I started to get my life back and make good progress.  Then in year nine my old life started to catch up with me. I began to get into trouble in school and had some trouble with the police, I was angry and got into lots of fights, my relationship with my foster family became very strained and I felt very alone. At this point I could have easily gone downhill fast, but I got lucky, my school were very helpful and understanding and found me a mentor.

It’s hard to put into words just how much this helped me, right from the start Wayne was easy to talk to and I felt like I had somebody I could trust, somebody to open up to without being judged. He helped me join a rugby club, encouraged me to play every week and try lots of new things. It turned out that just going to the gym with him and chatting about things helped the most. Knowing he was going to be there every week was great, no matter what came up I knew he would help me.

Then during year 11 my life got turned upside down when I made a few bad choices, he supported me through a very difficult time and enabled me put right those bad choices, for that I can’t say thank him enough. Wayne helped me change my thought process towards education. I finished year 11 and did well in my GCSE’s and I am now at Filton college.

When I left school the funding stopped but I still see Wayne regularly just to catch up and hit the gym or see a film and now he is helping me get some coaching qualifications on my days off around my course so that I can work with him after I finish college.

Jamie aged 17 Bristol

Jamie has been a part of the Impact Project and is going to start his Coach Makers Training after the summer. After that he will become a trainee mentor, then he will start shadowing and assisting in sessions.

Child 'L' himself

When I was 14 I started to have lots of problems in my area with bullies, just because I'm small for my age and I have a few physical dificuties, they made my life hell. I started to get very sad and sometimes angry in school. It got so bad my Dad and I moved to a new part of Bristol. I didn't know anybody and was worried that the new kids would be the same. 

My school got me a mentor and Wayne helped me get to know my area, by taking me out and taking me to local clubs like Judo, Rugby and Youth Club. He took me to the Gifted and Talented programme and helped me make friends and try loads of new sports. Now I feel like the world isn't full of mean people and I can trust the kids in my area. Wayne came every week and did loads of extra stuff in the holidays, he's really cool.  

Father of Child 'L'

'L' wanted to go out and meet some friends in his new area but after all the troubles I just didn't want to see him get hurt again. Wayne sat down with 'L' and myself and we planned out what was going to happen and how we were going to do it. It was great to be able to relax knowing 'L' was in a safe place and enjoying himself. Every Wednesday he was excited about going out and was always talking about what they were doing next week. I saw a massive growth in confidence and its great to see him playing outside with his new friends. Wayne still keeps in touch and pops round to see 'L' every now and then which is great. Since 'L's time with Impact Mentoring he has started his post 16 at a new purpose built school, I think the work he did with Wayne gave him loads of confidence to make the move. 

'L' has been part of our Social Mentoring Project, its great to see how far he has come and knowing he is doing well in his post 16 provision is a really great outcome


Carl had a tough start, with problems at home and lacked confidence and self esteem. He had a low attendance at school due to being the main carer for his younger brothers at the age 10. As a result of these circumstances he was given a mentor. During that contact time, his mentor Ben began to gain his trust and worked through some independence skills eg travelling on the bus, ordering food etc. Following some good progress Ben suggested that Carl should give rugby a try - he did and loved it.

The introduction of rugby had a massive impact on his life, Frampton Cotterell Rugby Club welcomed the entire family with open arms. Rugby introduced new friendship groups which led to an increase in his self esteem and personal happiness. He turned out to be a very decent player, even representing Bristol Schools. Ben's work with Carl has continued over 7 years, working towards the young man that he is today.

Ben (also a tutor on the Coachmakers Programme) encouraged him to give the Coachmakers programme with The 2nd Chance Project a try. He came onto the Bristol Coachmakers programme in September 2013. Straight away he was a popular member of the class. The team were instantly impressed at how he travelled from across town, from Chipping Sodbury to Knowle using train, bus and bike! He was always on time and never missed a session.

When Bristol Rugby Community Foundation came to speak with the young people about career paths and the work the Foundation does, they were instantly struck by Carl's positive attitude and professionalism at only 16. Bristol Rugby Club gave Carl a work experience placement, he helped around the office as well as organising and assisting with Rugby fun days. He also gained a lot of coaching experience with some of the club’s delivery partners. His placement at Bristol Rugby Community Foundation went so well and they were so impressed with his commitment and passion that they agreed to offer him a level 3 apprenticeship commencing in September 2014.

Ben Littleton - Head of Coach Development at Impact Mentoring


The work with Carl was done by several people and organisations before Impact Mentoring was founded. After seeing Carl grow into who he is now, it confirmed our vision of what mentoring really is. The people in Carl's story are now part of Impact Mentoring, their aim is to ensure that Carl's story is not a one off.


Bradley Stoke Community School are extremely pleased with the support that Impact Mentoring has provided for our students. In particular, the quality of the initial assessments IM completed; ensuring that work is appropriately targeted and has clear objectives and success criteria is crucial and gave us confidence that this intervention was worth the money.

The relationships that members of IM develop have been a significant factor and have been the foundation for some outstanding success stories for vulnerable students. We have certainly seen the benefits in terms of confidence, aspiration, behaviour and engagement. We would recommend IM to other schools and organisations and will continue to work with them.

Susie Davis - Director of Student Support at Bradley Stoke Community School




I can't fully express my gratitude and appreciation to all the team at Impact Mentoring for all they have done for my children and myself. When Impact started working with Connor he wasn't attending school, he had low self esteem and lacked confidence, he hardly left the house and wasn't interacting socially. With the mentoring Connor received, his confidence grew and he started attending school again. His social skills improved and he started to do the normal things a teenage boy should do. He fully engaged with school and took his GCSE with outstanding results. He got A* in Maths and A's in Law, English Language and English Literature. The change in him is unbelivable and I can't thank his mentors enough for there work with him.

They have helped both of my other boys overcome issues and constantley find ways to help us as a family. The support and encouragement has given us so much. Impact Mentoring does exactly as it says it Impacts on the lives of our whole family. 




Impact mentoring have done so much for me and my family, I'm really grateful! Being able to get out more, doing things like going to the gym and playing golf, helped me to be so much more confident in myself and without that help, I don't think I would have got through my GCSE's the way I did. They have helped my brothers too - thanks guys.







I have worked with Impact mentoring this academic year, having become employed as Deputy Head teacher and SENCo at Pathways Learning Centre.

The partnership has been very positive ensuring my young people are able to access different types of therapeutic work in a variety of situations. This has been incredibly beneficial to all the young people, allowing them to make excellent progress in all aspects of their self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence.

Engaging mentors has allowed the young people to explore their emotional needs, future aspirations and develop a stronger sense of themselves.

Impact mentoring has ensured my students have quality one to one attention in safe, understanding relationships that allow the students to be able to challenge themselves and build resilience.

The work undertaken has included bespoke wrap around transition work, counselling and seeking of advice and information, self-appraisal and thorough personal and social development.

When the students are referred, we are able to work together as professionals to encourage students to undertake specific targeted work that I identify as barriers to learning during our induction period. I am kept fully informed with individual session reports, termly overviews and regular conversations both with mentors and managers.

This is coupled with providing opportunities for young people to have a variety of experiences and try things they may not get access to in school or at home.

Impact has ensured they attend multi agency meetings, provide reports and develop group sessions to respond to the needs of my place of work and individuals.

Lastly, I am able to discuss at any point needed, any aspects of the service and the flexibility allows me to respond quickly to each young person’s needs and developments. 


Weightlifting Group Provision


At Impact we have five qualified weightlifting coaches. Weightlifting is a great way to develop strength, coordination and mobility. Our weightlifting programme consists of physical sessions and journal activities to evidence all the hard work our young lifters put in, the programme is delivered in our HQ in Kingswood which has three lifting platforms and a range of bars and weights. Many of our weightlifters will work towards achieving an ASDAN in sports and fitness. Weightlifting is an extremely technical sport which we teach progressively in a safe environment, our young people love setting regular goals and keeping track of their progressions. There is a bell in our weightlifting gym which our young people ring when they get a new personal best lift, so we can all celebrate their success together!