One to One Mentoring

Planning, Nurturing, Inspiring & Succeeding

“A Mentor”

A mentor may be defined as ‘an experienced and trusted advisor’. At Impact we know that trust is central to self-belief and progress. This means that we promote 1:1 mentoring as a foundation to positive change. Our mentors are chosen for their passion to help young people and their inter-personal skills, Beyond that a range of qualifications and experiences gives us a diverse and driven team. 1:1 mentoring takes place in 3hour sessions which include transport and food. Mentoring activities are chosen to promote well-being and work towards the goals set by the commissioning organisation. Goals are reviewed each session and reported back to commissioners. 1:1 mentoring can be transformational and gives young people a listening ear, access to support, guidance and wisdom whilst enjoying themselves. This is our prescription for aspiration!