Our Facilities

Welcome to Impact HQ, Kingswood, Bristol

Mentoring, Practical Skills, Learning and Tuition

Our Kingswood HQ is an inspiring and unique space which embodies the spirit of Impact Mentoring. The building was previously a scaffolding manufacturer. Now it is our turn to help scaffold young lives to reach the best future possible in our time with them. A common feature of many of our referrals is having spent time in isolation rooms or specialist units. The result is often demotivating-leaving sense of missing out on aspirational aspects of school life.  With this in mind, we designed the building to be colourful, contemporary and to have spaces within spaces so that everyone can find a place of their own.

Our ethos

Our ethos is one of a family where everyone gets the opportunity to spend time in an inspirational environment. We respect everyone’s right to be different, to be safe and to make progress. HQ is a calm and nurturing place where everyone gets along. Young people earn the right to be here through their attitude and how they interact with others. Offsite mentoring is in place to support anyone who is not yet ready to be at HQ, until they are. Each space and facility has been carefully planned to give a sense of openness within the security of a facility that has been purpose-built


The garden

In order to complete our ‘home’ we built a garden to bring the outdoors inside. This has created a green and relaxing area which is a little separate from the rest of HQ. Our young people know that this is a space where they can go to be quiet, to decompress or to unpick things that they need to go through on their own or with their mentor.

Tutor rooms

The Tutor rooms are multi-use spaces to support our learning programmes and English and maths tutoring. Our aim was to create high-spec, comfortable and relaxing spaces for serious studying! These rooms are themed to make them more fun to work in. Our computers, laptops and smart TVs enable multi-media work and research to supplement functional skills development.

CrossFit gym

Our gym space is built around functional fitness. We aim to get our mentees moving and enjoying the feeling of getting tired. Out of hours it is home to CrossFit Strong Confident Kind and during the day young people can access activities with the supervision of Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit coaches and Personal Trainers. Our equipment is scaled so that safe exercising can be carried out by anyone from the age of 5-100!

The Kitchen

Our commercial kitchen has room to be used for catering as well as learning home cooking skills. Young people learn the health and safety standards required for the industry and techniques and recipes to equip them for independent -living. We have invested in a premium finish and utensils to create a kitchen space where our mentees can explore their creativity and knowledge of health eating. Our kitchen table is hand-made and designed to reinforce the ethos of a family. We love to see adults and young people sat around together eating and interacting. The kitchen table forms the heart of HQ.

The Blue Room

Our first multi-use work room and meeting room. The room was planned and refurbished by mentees supervised by their tutors. It is within the reception area so a great first step for anyone getting used to being at HQ. Smart TV and computer allows access to research and enrichment. The Blue Room also doubles as a cinema for young people who need to switch off and be cosy.

The trades area

Our trades area gives young people the opportunity to learn bricklaying, carpentry and plastering. Because the sessions are 1:1 they can genuinely take the role of apprentices and have a personalised workplace experience. Our ex-trade professionals tutor mentees through a range of techniques and challenges to give them hands on experience and accelerated opportunities to develop as tradespeople. Mentees learn health and safety and planning skills and often complete maintenance and development jobs around HQ.

The Pyramid

Many of our mentees migrate to the pyramid and it has a multitude of uses. There is something very reassuring about sitting at the highest point in the building with your mentor! We use this area for presentations, watching big-screen events as well as for photo shoots and even studying.

The Library

Our library is designed to be a natural extension of the kitchen so that young people can browse, read and take books home as they wish. We keep our careers information and learning programme support materials here so that mentees get used to ‘trying the library’ as well as using online sources for finding information.

The art studio

Our Art studio is the place at HQ where creative ideas get turned into art! We keep our supplies stocked from The Scrapstore and so there are always interesting ‘bits and pieces’ to use for keen imaginations. Our graffiti artists also tutor urban arts from this space and use our outdoor area for larger projects. The Art studio has seen a plethora of upcycling projects and model making over its time so there is always a project waiting for any young mind who wants to be inventive. We deliberately encourage unstructured exploration of whatever media is available, so that art and play merge into a positive experience.

The bike workshop

We have a suite of mountain bikes and scooters which are based in our bike workshop. They are maintained and upgraded by young people working with our bike guru! Mentees learn how to take bikes to pieces and more importantly put them back together again! The experience is like being an apprentice and technical and mechanical skills develop quickly. Mentees get to build ‘project bikes’ and ride them as well as mending and upgrading their own bikes when needed. Bike expeditions are frequent –our location next to the Bristol/Bath Cycle path is perfect-and this tests the mentees fitness along with the work they have done on the bikes. For those who show aptitude and enthusiasm we the take our expeditions further afield so that they can experience authentic mountain biking in the wild!

Thrive room

The Thrive Room is a therapeutic space where young people and families can relax and play. This area is used for interventions which need a quiet space. There are many activities which children and young people can access if they are learning how to manage strong feelings and emotions. These include Lego, playdough, sand trays and ‘small world’ play. Explore our Thrive page for more information.

The pottery workshop

Phoebe Smith Ceramics operates from our Pottery studio. Phoebe also puts on workshops for mentees and their mentors to explore the opportunities that clay can bring to be creative and use your imagination. Pottery work is incredibly therapeutic and grounding so we are delighted that Phoebe has developed her space at HQ with us.


Our upstairs offices help to keep Impact ticking over! Our admin staff and facilities are also open to young people who want to learn office-based tasks and skills. For exceptional young people, work experience and internships are potential opportunities.