Our Journey

Impact Mentoring was set up in November 2014 by Wayne Cockram. Wayne had been a soldier and a personal trainer alongside a high-level sporting career, but his heart and soul had been in mentoring for the previous 10 years. With so many young people in need of individual support in the South-West it was the right time to create a mentoring service with a focused approach to creating stepping-stones towards their future.

In 2017 we were recognised by Nat West as their Entrepreneur for Good.

By 2018 we had a team of 50 mentors working across 6 local authorities.

During our planning for 2019 we realised that our successful mentoring also needed to have a physical space which could support the transition back into the more structured settings of education, college and training.

In October 2019 we moved into our first permanent home previously a scaffolding manufacturer-and refurbished it over the next 18 months to become a safe and inspiring place for our young people to use. This enabled us to successfully navigate through the 2020-21 pandemic whilst still providing mentoring and activities for those in need.

By 2021 we were able to offer a range of learning programmes and tutoring to support our mentoring. We now look forward to the future with even more ideas and initiatives to reach people and help them to thrive; whilst gaining beneficial accreditations and qualifications for their own journeys