Davina Froom

MY STORY: Davina Froom

I was a young carer from the age of 10 who looked after both my mum and stepdad as well as my two younger siblings. I joined a youth group called Archimedia to help build a flagship media centre in Knowle West which is when I developed an amazing relationship with my youth worker/mentor Sandra Manson. Sandra was so much of an inspiration to me that my career path chose to become a youth worker/mentor. I want to be able to offer the support and skills to develop young people and give them opportunities they might not feel they are able to have.

ROLE MODEL / HERO: Emma Watson
I admire Emma Watson as she has had a successful career in the filming industry as a child whilst still studying for her GCSE’s. Whilst juggling her career, Emma still managed to attend university at Brown and achieve a degree in English Literature. Since finishing the Harry Potter movies, Emma has become involved in modelling, fashion and a UN women goodwill ambassador for HeForShe which calls for men to advocate for gender equality. As an activist, Emma is a strong individual using her fame to the advantage of helping others.

‘There’s nothing interesting about looking perfect – You lose the point.
You want what you’re wearing to say something about you, about who you are’ Emma Watson


GCSE C in Maths and English
BTEC First Diploma in Health and Social Care
BTEC National Certificate in Health and Social Care
NVQ Advanced Level 3 Certificate in Youth Work
Level 3 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector


2011 – 2017: Learning support tutor, mentor, sexual health lead, youth work support 2012: 1 year volunteer youth work at The Dings Youth Club 2010: Urbanwise Project Coordinator – working with disengaged young people in local community and young offenders in HMP & YOI Ashfield to tell their stories through media. 2009: Young girls fashionate project at Knowle West Media Centre
2008 – 2010: 2 years paid work for Youth Moves in Knowle West
2004 – 2009: Youth leader at Archimedia. Supporting other youth groups 


I love sports and exercise! I played Football locally for 11 years and participated in Boxing for 4 years. I am a qualified Football and Boxing coach as well as a qualified football referee.


One highlight for me recently, is a mentee who has high levels of anxiety and avoids talking to people she doesn’t know at all costs, actually managed to ask for something in the Café at Airhop. I felt very happy for and couldn’t express enough to her how proud I was for what she had done. Since then, she has become more open and accepting to try things that worry her.