“I really don’t like school but Impact Mentoring makes me want to come to school….”

Student B, Year 8, Participant in Impact Mentoring Group Programme


Our mentors are from diverse backgrounds and are skilled across a range of areas, allowing us to provide quality individual education programmes, sports programmes and various practical workshops to mentees.

We create an individual development plan for each mentee, that is goal-orientated and framed within a defined time-scale. All sessions that we carry out are planned, recorded and based on the individual young person’s action plan. Working together to create a personal plan allows the mentor and mentee to build rapport and trust; through the strength of this relationship and the support that it provides the young person, they begin to develop confidence in themselves and their own ability.


“We are extremely pleased with the support that Impact Mentoring has provided … the quality of the initial assessments IM complete, ensuring that work is appropriately targeted and has clear objectives and success criteria is crucial and gave us confidence that this intervention was worth the money”

Susie Davis - Director of Student Support at Bradley Stoke Community School




Consistent mentoring with trust-worthy mentors allows young people to build relationships and develop trust, confidence and the ability to talk about their successes and difficulties. This emotional and social development makes it easier for them to form positive and lasting relationships, gives them the skills to manage conflict and resolve difficulties, and the confidence to try new things and achieve things that they hadn’t believed themselves capable of.

Providing a consistently secure and safe space for young people to develop enables Impact Mentoring to offer further programmes aimed at inspiring young people to fulfil their individual potential.

We deliver appropriate programmes of accreditation to validate the work that young people do with us. Programmes on offer include:

Alternative Learning Materials: We deliver SWEET + BTEC in personal development and ASDAN courses to help re-engage disengaged learners

Practical Skills Development: We have practical courses such as bike workshops, art studio programmes and construction skills

Induction Programme to get young people ready to reengage with education. This programme allows schools/PRUs with limited capacity to manage increasing numbers of young people. In some instances young people have been able to by-pass the PRU and go directly back into mainstream education. We run very successful induction programmes for PRUs in Gloucester which has enabled them to manage the large increase in referrals more effectively


We have successfully transitioned many students who have been excluded back into mainstream schools through mentoring support. Building strong and trusting relationships through active, one-to-one sessions, allows us to help young people to transition gradually into school. Mentors can work flexibly in and out of school to support and encourage the young people they are mentoring.


“The students in question are all at risk of permanent exclusion, were disaffiliated from school and did not have positive relationships with many adults at school.  Although their parents/carers are supportive, unfortunately, most communication from the school was of a negative nature…. The sessions showed the boys in their best light with reference to behaviour for learning, as they were actively engaged, keen to learn, and wanting to impress mentors and peers…… I know that leadership is discussed during the sessions, and the boys'  appear to have an increased self-awareness of how they appear to others around the school site.  They have more self-control and are less likely to become involved in small scuffles or violent behaviour…..The mentors were positive male role models that some of the involved desperately need.”

Hannah Kenyon, Year 8 Head, Chew Valley School