"I have nothing but praise and admiration for the professionalism and excellent approach shown by your mentors.  They were fantastic with him, and I was very impressed with the Impact programme."

Mark McCready, Foster Carer


Our mentors genuinely care about inspiring young people to refocus their energy towards something meaningful and use their experience and expertise with each individual they work with to achieve this. Consistent mentoring with trust-worthy mentors allows young people to build secure relationships, develop trust, confidence and the ability to talk about their successes and difficulties. We can engage with some of the most vulnerable and disengaged young people in the South West by providing a safe and nurturing environment where they can relax and be themselves. 

Through our one-to-one mentoring relationship, we create an individual development plan for each mentee, that is goal-orientated and framed within a defined time-scale. Providers are given regular detailed reports, highlighting the mentee’s achievements, on-going challenges and agreed-upon goals. Our flexibility means that we are able to fill the gaps in our providers’ capacity - for example, liaising with multi agency plans, attending meetings and helping to join up services.


“I have been really impressed by the mentors’ ability to build relationships with young people who are not wanting to work with anyone else. It is also really great for me to be able to talk about the sessions having read the write ups, it gives me an opportunity to continue to build their self-esteem by making reference to the successes they have had. Feedback from parents and carers has also been really positive and I know that for the families that I work with, they have found it comforting to know that their children have safe adults to spend time with."

Sam Parker, Social Worker, South Gloucestershire council.




Impact Mentoring offer a range of group mentoring programmes. We engage young people through programmes that include sports, nature, arts and practical skills.

The group programmes are designed to create a positive cohort of young people and are structured in a way that gives them a purpose. Young people develop socialisation skills and become willing to invest back into their schools and community. Time and again we see their grit and character emerge through engaging with the different challenges and rewards that we present to them through these programmes.


"It has provided a fantastic opportunity for school to engage our more difficult to reach pupils and allowed them the chance to work alongside each other - some are using the experience to work toward ASDAN accreditation, at the same time as gaining the therapeutic benefits"

Sally-Anne Mansfield, SENCO, New Horizons Learning Centre


Impact mentors support families at home, through helping to establish routines, develop relationships within the family and model helpful behaviour.