“It’s hard to put into words just how much this helped me, right from the start my mentor was easy to talk to and I felt like I had somebody I could trust, somebody to open up to without being judged…” – Jamie, aged 17

About Us

Through one to one provision and our group programmes we work with young people from a range of backgrounds to make a genuine difference to their lives.

We focus on supporting the emotional well being of the young people that we work with; improving their emotional resilience. Many of the young people that we support are faced with challenging circumstances, in a variety of ways, in their lives. We help them to develop a strong and positive sense of identity and learn to recognise and manage their feelings. As they develop their social and emotional skills, they can start to create positive relationships and develop empathy and understanding for others.

We have a diverse and highly skilled team of mentors who build strong, reliable and safe relationships with the young people we work with. Creating a support network and working closely with a role model is an essential component of what we provide and helps to give our young people the security, confidence and skills to achieve in areas that they had not believed themselves capable of.

Mentors work alongside their mentees to keep a journal to allow reflection and celebration of their achievements. The stories they have to tell become a powerful reflection of their journey and evidence towards a range of potential awards.

Our group programmes include urban arts, gardening, construction skills, cooking and Olympic weightlifting. Numbers are kept low to enable a focussed and nurturing environment. These programmes allow young people to develop existing skills and learn new ones, whilst building relationships with other young people. Our group provision packages are all linked to ASDAN awards, which provides young people with a tangible outcome that they can be proud of.

Working With Providers

We work closely with our providers to co-construct a bespoke plan for each individual. We organise our offering into the following phases

Holding. This is for young people who need a personal and therapeutic intervention to move them towards a more secure, safe and optimistic viewpoint.

Re-engagement in learning. In this phase we structure sessions towards more concrete goals and encourage routine, structure and a more sustainable way of life.

Transition. This phase is about an effective and comfortable transition back into education for our young people. During this phase we work closely with both the school and young person to ensure the process is handled with the appropriate care and attention. This encourages a sustainable and positive outcome.

Bespoke Additional Needs, Respite and Enrichment. This area of our provision is devised on an individual needs basis. Many young people require a tailored package of support which could involve support and management of complex needs or wider circumstances. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of all individuals and have varied experience through working with young people who have SEND, attachment needs, who are in care and those who require interventions to improve their physical and mental health.


Our areas of expertise and success include;

- Transitions from PRU's back into mainstream education.
- Re-integration of young people unable to access any formal learning opportunities.
- Focused work as part of a multi-agency plan to safeguard young people including Thrive based work.
-On-site mentoring focused on individuals or small groups at risk of exclusion.
- Bespoke group activities to improve confidence and resilience of students from vulnerable groups (Pupil Premium, SEND, LAC, Young Carers etc).
- Packages of mentoring and activities to develop peer leadership and positive engagement with school.
- Empowering disenfranchised young people to take positive control of their futures.

- Support for parents and carers.

- In school support.

We provide both on-site and off-site provision dependent on the individual’s situation. Our service is designed to be highly flexible with some of our young people having just one session a week, and others having daily sessions. This flexibility helps us to meet both individuals’ and providers’ requirements. Our mentors are in regular contact with providers to ensure the service we are providing is meeting their needs, and more importantly the needs of the young person. We do this through setting goals and revising them to direct our provision. Following each session our mentors provide a detailed session report to evidence the work they have done and help to plan for future sessions.

Our mentors have a range of skills and specialities, this allows us to match our mentor’s skills and interests with the individuals they work with. Ranging from arts to sport to practical skills development, our mentors have a huge variety of skills, interests and experience that they love to share with others.

Additional services are available to create a 360 degree package. This includes work with parents, Thrive assessments and programmes and attendance at multi-agency meetings. Our work with the Ignite Life charity enables us to provide some activities and support during holidays, evenings and weekends at a reduced rate.

Impact Pods

Impact is organised into Pods of mentors. Current Pods are;

Bristol Pod

Gloucester Pod

South Gloucestershire Pod

North Somerset Pod


Dorset and Wiltshire Pod

Somerset Pod

The Impact HQ is a large facility on Bridge Road in Kingswood, Bristol. The centre boasts a kitchen, work stations for practical skills and urban arts, a weightlifting gym, learning spaces for academic work with multiple computers. Most of our young people are based in Bristol and surrounding areas which allows them to come and use the centre. Young people can use the centre to complete a variety of different activities such as building and practical skills projects, weightlifting and urban arts group programmes and academic work. This supplements the wealth of learning available in the local and wider community, where our mentees can enjoy a range of activities to challenge them physically, mentally and socially.